This webpage has been "coinetized" so links on the page can be made pay-for

There are 4 methods to your website, with different advantages. Click 'Link a Website' from your account page for more details.

The method we used for

  • is simple and fast to setup
  • requires no software install
  • works seamlessly as if the software is embedded
  • does not require any change to your URLs
  • links in only the area(s) you choose

In, "premium" is the only coinetized section. Notice how it looks just the same as the rest of the site.

The "click me first" link is set to a price of 50 credits by default.

You can to change this.

Or , and try paying to access the article (simulated payment only - no real money required!)

Try the links below - and look for the symbols for more tips

  • 1234
  • 1234
  • 1234


Can users skirt security by typing pay-for links directly into the browser URL bar? We're not making any attempt to hide them.

Try it! When logged out, copy and paste the URL of any pay-for (non-free!) link directly into your browser. (Right click on the link and select an option like "copy link location" or "copy link address").

  • It's trivial to charge for your photos

    It's trivial to charge for your photos. No need for a complicated third party service. Simply link a thumbnail version to a full size version on a separate page. Try clicking the fashion thumbnail image above.

Photo Post

Kopasoft is a clean, powerful and responsive wordpress magazine / news theme.

Yes, we are not denying we set up this site by downloading any old html template. In fact we're actually proud! You can find this template here.

We installed no software and wrote no code.

All we did was invent some articles, and point links at them (as usual!)

Then we coinetize.comed. That took only a few minutes.

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